Welcome to Peculiar Saint Orphanage and Special Center

Peculiar Saint Orphanage and Special Center is residential institution devoted to the care of orphans, homeless babies and children. We care for babies and children whose parents are deceased or otherwise unable to care for them.

In providing residential care for abandoned babies, we provide a safe and stable environment where each individual can develop at its own space.


We have also been given an additional approval to take care of children with special needs. Children with disabilities, Cerebral palsy, Autism….

When you make a Donation, lives are changed.

Your donation means the world to children in need. Your monthly partnership means stability, security, and peace for children who have never known any of these things.

We work hard to care for, nurture and develop children in need, in order for them to become balanced, well-adapted and independent adults.

But we’re not done yet. We need your.

Sponsor a child

When you sponsor a child, you are helping give an orphaned or abandoned child a family and a future. Children who have lost everything get a mother, brothers and sisters and everything they need to have a normal childhood.

Our Goal is to bring professional care, love emotional support, sense of belonging and devotion.